ECHO Listening Profile in a nutshell

ECHO is an acronym for Effective Communication for Healthy Organisations.

ECHO Listening Profile is a statistically reliable, 10-minute survey that helps identify an individual’s personal listening style or habit in the workplace.

ECHO Listening Profile is designed to:

  • Enhance Individual Performance
  • Enhance Team Collaboration & Performance
  • Foster a culture that honours the individual while strengthening the group

Value of ECHO Listening Profile:

  • Identify and grow an organisation‘s Listening Intelligence
  • Diagnosing a workforce‘s unique listening habits
  • Coaching toward a more effective communication
Service Offering: Profile only, individual coaching or team coaching in a workshop setting. Length and Shape of workshop are flexible and on request.

The ECHO Listening Profile methodology has been rigorously tested for construct validity and reliability in consultation with the University of Mississippi, as well as the University of Kent, England. Continuously, further data is being analysed to ensure continued accuracy of outcome and usage.

Please also look at this 2 pager on ECHO Intelligent Listening.

What is the ECHO Listening Profile?

Every person owns its individual way of expressing itself through voice and non-verbal communication. It is general knowledge that no two brains are alike. Consequently, related to listening, each brain absorbs information slightly differently. It varies in how each person filters information. Hence, each of us has its own unique way of listening.

ECHO stands for Effective Communication for Healthy Organisations.
The ECHO Listening Profile is the first cognitive-based listening assessment that generates a listening profile explaining an individual’s way of listening through four different listening habits.

The ECHO Listening Profile supports the understanding of the individual listener related to how selective interpretation impacts their communication with others.

ECHO’s Value to your organisation

  • Effective Communication has the power to improve an organisation’s productivity.
  • “Effective Listening can infuse an entire company’s culture, improving workplace communications, enhancing team collaboration, and driving up employee engagement.”
  • ECHO delivers improved listening skills which can reduce distractions and interruptions and therewith positively impact productivity

Trust building · Improved listening skills · Better decision making · Targeted communication · Positive sales impact

ECHO Listening Profile – Areas of Use & Value

Listening Intelligence for the Individual
The ECHO Listening Profile can assist individual listeners in understanding how selective interpretation affects their communication with others.  The analysis of the assessment drives an individual’s communication skills by creating awareness and a deeper understanding about her/his listening habits and their impact on his/her verbal and non-verbal communication. The assessment outcome often creates a “wow” effect. It puts people at ease thanks to sudden clarity on previously experienced uncomfortable group situations and the knowledge of how to manage these.
Listening Intelligence in Teams
A good functioning team is essential for delivery of high performance and achieving or overachieving a business’s targets. Effective communication is a key fundament for such a good functioning team. Yet, a survey including 400 companies with 100’000 employees each (reference) states that the cost of poor communication is evaluated at an average of $420’000 a year. ECHO provides Listening Intelligence for teams to:
  • Develop strategies that help individuals and the whole group communicate more effectively
  • Understand and value the unique contributions of each team member
  • Build trust and develop a strong sense of team belonging
  • Employees understand their own listening habits and the listening habits of their peers, so they can communicate and collaborate more effectively
Hiring Process
Make smarter hiring decisions based on existing group dynamics and listening styles, so both new and existing employees feel valued, accepted and are more likely to stay.
Change Management, Transformation
Is your company taking on the journey of change and transformation and you want to ensure that a basis of trust and respect is established and or remains among team members in order to ensure continuity of performance? The ECHO group profile sheds light on group dynamics and the collective listening styles. Elevating awareness about the differences in filtering information, reacting to them but also about how these differences impact non-verbal communication supports teams to respect their colleagues and build trust amongst them. This builds stability within the team and allows for continuity of performance during times of change.
Agile Teams
Increasingly, today’s leadership is applying the framework of agile management. Agile teams are self-managed. The success of these teams depends on transparency and autonomy. Teams are empowered. For this to operate successfully, team members need to fully trust each other, be able to rely on each other, communicate freely and be able to exploit conflicts. The ECHO Listening ProfileTM supports in building this trust and reliability by revealing information that allows:
  • Everyone to understand each individual’s unique added value to the team
  • To communicate effectively thanks to being aware about one’s own listening habits and recognise other’s to speak into their listening system
  • To better understand colleague’s non-verbal communication and therefore increase effectiveness in collaboration during high-pressure periods
  • For regular feedback rounds to take place in an open, honest and productive environment

Service Offerings

  • Individual Assessment
  • Individual Assessment & online call
  • Individual Assessment & face to face coaching session
  • Group Assessment & group coaching session
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